Kite Holidays and Events

Enjoy kite related events throughout the year in the museum and on our windy shores.

Our annual events

Asian New Year

The Kite Museum has collections from ten different Asian countries and features one each year for this annual celebration.   Expanded collections, hand-on activities, classes, and even a movie at the local theater make up the festivities.

A Special Night at the Museum

Each spring, we have a special night event at the Museum.  It’s great fun and an opportunity to see new exhibits, kick back with friends, and enjoy our

Spring Break Family Fun

From mid-March through mid-April, the World Kite Museum has special events for every member of your family. In addition to special exhibits, search for and answer the questions about the posters in our Washington State International Kite Festival Poster Gallery. For being good Museum Trivia Buffs, you will receive a packet of coupons from local merchants!

WA State Int’l Kite Festival

Our signature event, the week-long Washington State International Kite Festival (aka WSIKF), is held the third full week of August annually.  Explore our pages on the event, starting here.

One Sky, One World

Held the second Sunday in October since 1986, One Sky, One World is an international kite fly for peace. Participants around the globe fly kites and connect via social media.  You can participate by flying your kite and posting an image on our Facebook page with a comment. More >>

Windless Kite Festival

Astounding performances will happen both Saturday and Sunday. Door open at 8:30am for warm-up, free fly and lessons. A kite making workshop by Alexa King starts at 9:00am Saturday morning $5.00, followed by performances starting at 11:00am through 4:00pm. Performances Sunday will start at 10:30am with the Grand Finale ending at 1:00pm. The whole thing is two full days of FUN!