This exhibit accompanies the featured Hall of Fame member, George Pocock. They both involve multi-line kites, which accomplish the power to pull.

After Pocock’s development of a pair of four-line arch kites to pull a carriage, the next time multi-line kites appeared in large amounts was Paul Garbor’s WWII Target kites that pulled a moving object to train gunners on ships.

The two-line stunt kite was popularized for the general public by Peter Powell. His 3 & 4-foot diamonds with their dramatic tails became a new flying entertainment and performing opportunity.

Soon the delta wing two-line kites were developed and provided more move ability and pull. By flying these kites in tandem, the tremendousness pulling of kites came to the forefront.

The final part of this exhibit includes Peter Lynn’s prototype kite buggy, a video of skiing on ice and snow pulled by kites. The fourth wall shows how kites are pulling individuals, small boats and big tankers. Sorry, no room for the larger kites and tankers! Come visit.