The World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame is dedicated to the thrill, art, science, sport, and history of kites worldwide.

The museum’s exhibits and educational events introduce the kite as a multicultural art, in celebrations, modern day design, pulling power and application to energy production.

The museum houses artifacts, archives and displays in a 10,350 sq. ft. two-story facility.

Board of Directors

  • President – Blaine Walker, 42nd St Café
  • Vice President/Treasurer – Jim Sayce, Washington State Historical Society
  • Secretary – Sherry Hash, Key Bank
  • Linda Kaino, Ocean Beach Hospital
  • Jane Holeman, Washington State International Kite Festival
  • Kay Buesing – Special Liason

 Staff & Consultants:

  • Patty Rolfe, Business Administrator/Store Manager
  • Pamela Hagen, Part-Time Office Clerk
  •, Webmasters, Graphic Arts
  • Jeanne Nitzel, Exhibit Narrative Boards
  • Mary Yoshimi, Education & Programming Assistant
  • Jane Holeman, Hall of Fame

How the Museum is Managed

A 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the World Kite Museum and Hall of Fame is governed by a Board of Directors, which meets the third Monday of each month