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WSIKF Posters Please inquire about calendar years available. $45.00 plus shipping and handling.


A Dangerous Engine by Joan Dash
Inventor, diplomat and scientist, this book about Ben Franklin and the world he lived in is enjoyable and informative. Illustrator Dusan Petricic adds humor. $17.00
Bolt of Fate: Benjamin Franklin and His Fabulous Kite
Not only is this a well-researched presentation with a bibliography, but also it has many historic drawings and portraits. $12.00
Japanese Kite Stories Retold by R.F. McCarthy, Illustrated by Suiho Yonai The Adventure of Momotaro the Peach Boy. $9.95
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Kintaro the Nature Boy   $9.95
These two stories about Japanese heroes are written in English and Japanese. The colorful illustrations depict heroes, demons and kimono costumes of the past. 
Asian Kites by Wayne Hosking
This is a good reference book for all ages about kites in five different Asian countries. Besides it includes plans for making fifteen different Asian kites out of available materials. $9.95
Japanese Kite Prints by John Stevenson
During the 17th & 18th centuries the Japanese culture was recorded in color woodblock prints. This book brings together two of the Edos (Tokyo) most compelling traditions, woodblock prints and kites.    $35.00
Japanese Kites: Concept and Construction
Dan Kurahashi has written and self published this comprehensive book on Japanese kites. Growing up in Japan, Dan learned early the materials and skills necessary for being a kiter. This is a wonderful piece for your kite library. $15.00
Building Kites: Flying High with Math by Nancy Ann Belsky
This hands-on middle school multiple math lesson plan book combines problem solving, following directions and creative thinking. Plans for sled, box and tetrahedral kites are included. $17.95
Origami – Tako & Kite
This book tells how to make kites out of origami folding. Though written directions are in Japanese, the diagrams are as good as Lego diagram directions. The book is signed by the author Mikio Toki. $23.75
Planes, Wings and Other Things by Wayne Hosking
This is a book that informs and teaches flight. The activities included use basic scientific methods. The well tested contents offer educators of all types, formal and informal, instructions, research and information that can be enjoyed by all ages in schools, families, groups as learning or for leisure activities. $14.95
The Fighter Kite Book by David Gomberg
Included in this book are a brief & colorful history of kite fighting basic info for launching, flying and line handling, principles of weather’s effect, kites basic construction and flying strategies. $9.00
Kiteboarding’s Simple Plan by John Holzhall
This books purpose is to help you make a plan for your kiteboarding experience. It includes different places, conditions, and equipment to continued success and enjoyment. $27.95
Stunt Kites by David Gomberg
This is a complete flight manual for two line maneuverable kites. It begins with the basics, leads into both single and group competition and how to create routines.  $11.00
Better Kites by Marten Bondestam
A retired Finnish architect, Bondestam has redesigned tubular kites and added trim and designs to sled kites to create new images in the sky. Chapter titles include kites for Rites, Fantasies, Giants, etc. $14.95
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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini
This book is about friendship, betrayal and the price of loyalty. Written against the backdrop of recent Afghani History, the culture of kites runs on a line through the story. $14.00
The Kite Fighter by Linda Sue Park
This story of the Korean New Year explores the centuries-old tradition that requires a younger brother to stay in second place demonstrated in Korean kite festivals. $15.00
The Kite Rider by Geraldine McCaughrean
This bronze medal winner of the Nestles Book Prize is a dazzling story of adventure betrayal, family and sacrifice set in a dangerous world of 13th century China. The main character Haoyou will become the hero of adults and kids.  $15.95


Cobalt Blue Cups – gold museum logo and print. A great present for a friend or yourself.  $7.50
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Pins    $5.00 each

  • Fish Pins – Several exhibit are recognized with kite pins “The Kites Love Affair with Water and Water Creatures”
  • Manta Ray
  • Fugu Fish
  • Turtle
  • Chinese Carp
  • “Lewis & Clark Kite Making”
  • Condor  (Found on Long Beach Peninsula by Lewis & Clark)
  • “First Kite Competition in U.S.” 1904
  • Silas Conyne
  • Samuel Cody
  • Baden-Powell
  • Alexander Graham Bell
  • World Kite Museum & Hall of Fame Pin
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The 2006 Paper Kite Calendar by Jeff Cole & Wayne Hosking
The Museum does not recommend this item to keep track of what day is what! This is a box of paper and directions to make 100 8-1/2" x 11" paper kites. Don’t miss it. You’ll use it for family get together, group meetings and when you’re called on to help a teacher. You’ll love it!  $13.99 SALE $7.00
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Fighter Kites The Museum carries different types of fighters.

Mylar fighters – bridled
Large 25” X 22” - $5.00
Medium 21” X 18” - $3.00
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Indian tissue fighters – not bridled $5.00
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Babu Khan Fighters – not bridled
Large 27” X 23”, black with yellow & red tail  $9.95

Small 23” X 20”    $7.95

  • Black with white tip
  • Black with red vertical line
  • Black with yellow vertical tip
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Ripstop Fighters by Flick
Bukas – plain $41.95 design $51.75
Traditional $45.50 & $48.50
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The Fighter Kite Book by David Gomberg
This flight manual for beginners and experienced is a help to all.  $11.00
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North American Fighter Kite by Bruce Lambert
Explains the basics, maneuvers, and other strategies to make you a winner. $20.50
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Online ordering is coming soon! In the meanwhile, please call 360-642-4020 to place an order by check or credit card. Total cost of an order will include sales tax (7.8%), postage and packaging.